manifesting in various media: sculptural installations, performance, video, internet

Position (I)

Derived from a site specific context. Part of a series of installations of the '40 Titles' project (click here) which was initiated through installation 'Made in China'.

The work was situated in galerie Urinoir Bezet which is actually a monumental public toilet in Lonneker. It can also exist apart from that, as an autonomous installation.

Position IV

Position IV in Heythuysen came in various stages during a three-month exhibition period. That way the normally static state of sculpture was broken, fitting my general working method, in line with the idea that everything is in motion and changeable, including experience and interpretation.
It’s actually a group of sculptures that in composition refers to Christian sculpture and painting, but the work can be viewed from different cultural and social frameworks. It relates to various underlying social aspects, like power structures, exploitation, throwaway culture and destruction of nature. During the different stages, a course could be discovered, as in film. Only the moments were visible over a longer time span and each phase has its own expressiveness. All stages here (click)


Audio visual sculptural installation in public space: introduction of red clothes as a material for installations. More (click)

Sculptural installation based upon a construction of two horizontally mirroring washing racks and part of the 95 kg red clothes from 'Made in China'. More (click)

Position Panorama

Ongoing multidisciplinary art project in development, investigating and connecting the space between the personal and the collective, between the body and its surroundings, between the self and the cosmic. The project develops through an ongoing series of Chinese ink paintings, forming a panorama, including actions from performance 'Position' and various fictional and real landscapes. More (click)

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