The Object

Audio visual photographic installation

Audio and photographs came into existence in interaction with visitors during the two weeks installation as part of a solo exhibition.

'The object' is based upon a photograph from a second-hand store. Here the photo prints were on paper and relatively small.

Build up out of two roller blinds (one transparent), the installation was initially situated in the back of the exhibition space, a setting resembling the classic photo studio, like the picture.

During the first stage of the project, leading up to the installation, people were invited to sit 'next to the boy'. Visitors talked freely about their thoughts, memories and associations concerning the photograph and speculated about his identity, age, profession, social background etc.

In it's final stage it's centered in space and to be approached like a sculpture. The photo of the boy on one side and photos of visitors sitting next to the boy on the other side.

The recorded comments and stories were edited into a cohesive 45 minutes accompanying audio piece that covers all visible aspects of the framed picture, created out these reactions. It contains (sometimes harsh) assumptions as well as very personal associations.

The identity and the story behind was only revealed during the last day of the exhibition. People were shocked by the reality behind the photo, but also felt touched by the work. Most people were glad with the experience.

The installation is available for presentation.

If interested, please contact through the website and find out about the story behind the photo...

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