Position (III)

performance / video / sound / installation

interaction with space...

performance / installation / video

Photo: De fabriek, Eindhoven, NL, 2019

Available for any space as site-specific performance/installation

Position (III)

Anticipating with the characteristics of the space, in line with previous works. The different materials, wood, iron and plastic, produce different sounds as the sticks are thrown one after the other in several directions. The tone and its duration determine the course, marking an audible manifestation of interactions caused by an action. Their spacial position also depends on the existing situation and therefor changes with each action. Although the actor manages a certain level of manipulation, the outcome is not 'controlled'.

The projected video shows the process as it developed, together with words, as reflective thoughts concerning the situation. It is placed above the end result which is left in the exact position. Both images seem to interconnect into one image at some point during the course of the 15 minutes video.

Position II

Actual art / performance / video

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Position I

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Position IV

Site specific sculptural installation in three stages.

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