Position IV

Sculptural installation

in a site specific context within public space.

Position IV

Position IV

Position IV is a site specific installation build up out of red clothes. It was situated in a previous 'Catholic mission chapel' in Heythuysen, now an artspace which is continuously to be looked in day and night and therefor related to public space. This installation came in various stages during a three-month exhibition period. That way the normally static state of sculpture was broken, fitting my general working method, in line with the idea that everything is in motion and changeable, including experience and interpretation. It’s actually a group of sculptures that in composition refers to Christian sculpture and painting, but the work can be viewed from different cultural and social frameworks. It relates to various underlying social aspects, like power structures, exploitation, throwaway culture and destruction of nature. During the different stages, a course could be discovered, as in film. Only the moments were visible over a longer time span and each phase has its own expressiveness.

Position IV | first stage

The first stage existed of one kneeling or crawling figure in the chapel.

Position IV | second stage

A second figure was added, which changed the position of the first drastically.

Position IV | third stage

A last figure came to the scene. this means there's no longer two individuals in relationship; now it's a group. This doesn't change the position of the first two, but it does change the situation as a whole, which allows to view the sculpture group from a completely new perspective.


In addition to the installation #Position is linked to the project. The hashtag is used on social media and brings together all kinds of messages in which the term is relevant for the topic. Together they show a contemporary picture of a highly hierarchical society characterised by (gender) inequality. A selection is brought together as a time document in a smartphone-sized video. It can be understood in relation to the sculptural installation or independently. But also as a document that defines the various meanings and social context of 'position' worldwide.

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