Position Panorama

Where do we find ourselves if our lives are no longer directly harmonious with nature but with man-made power systems?

How to 'Position' in a world (environment, economy, culture, art) that's build on male dominance, while at the same time acting in order to change?

' Position Panorama' is an ongoing multimedia project, combining body performance, painting/drawing and sound art. The work also contains elements of a related performance and functions as a platform for sound works that come into existence during the project through various ways.

I investigate connections of space and body, between the personal and the collective, between the body and its surroundings, between the self and the cosmic. The fictional and 'the real' coincides within this project, for I combine all possible representations of landscape in a uniting manner through contemporary Chinese ink painting: images from the internet, after nature en plein air painting, historical or existing landscape paintings as well as the imaginative landscape. By conducting such a scenery and providing different sound pieces, the experience changes. I aim to raise questions like how to Position one selves in the world of today (environment, economy, culture, art).


The Panorama comes into existence through an ongoing connecting series of Chinese ink paintings on paper, size 36 x 58 cm, containing elements painted after stills from performance video 'Position'.

Performance video

'Position' (II) focuses on 'body' as a vehicle for action and influence. Its concept was to take position under a red blanket within the time-frame of the camera timer: 10 seconds, which triggered intuitive decision making. The forms of the blanket are the residue of action, resembling landscape, but also a 'body' containing a bordered space of its own. The performance called upon psychological resources: In this case determination and endurance. 'Position' and 'posture' are coupled: taking in the fetal position, is a returning to the mother womb. Reproducing this position allows the feeling of calmness. It's essentially reassuring and relaxing. While turning to the inside space of our bodies brings us back to our self, within this module it reflects a certain ambivalence; withdrawal as well as interacting, stillness and action. All aspects of positioning oneself... Click HERE for video

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