Actual Art / Project

...movement and temporary form...


'Nadir' as a project started with my first 'Move', as the wet Tempera found it's way to the lowest point.

The dismantling of an artwork with temporary form, has as much meaning as bringing it into existence. The materialized movement was scraped off the floor carefully, shaped into little rolls of pigment, consolidated by egg yolk.

The lowest point

The title, meaning 'opposite', but also 'the lowest point', is related to 'position', a recurring and important theme in my work.

The watercolor from the floor was transformed into frozen form; shaped by its container.


Installation, happening, performance-video

Exhibition 'By the sweat of your brow' during Urban Explorers Festival, Dordrecht, 2014

Scraping the floor is the excavation of a landscape. Mopping the floor an act of creation.

The photographic images of several stages are the canvas for new propositions.

Witnessing a transformation in process, we spend time, while occurring...

'Nadir II'

Series of photographs that came into existence that same year, during an artist residency in Xiamen, China ( invited by the Chinese European Art Center).

Combination of full colour and black and white.

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