Reggie Voigtländer

multidisciplinary artist

With my work, I question general assumptions and investigate universal aspects in relation to human existence and our (in)comprehension about it.

Diversity, space and connections...

Installations, sculptures, objects, video’s and photographic works. Recent developments include the conversion of photographic image into fine graphic art, using digital techniques.

photo: Exhibiton '40 Titles', Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China, 2014


After graduating in the directions of painting, drawing and graphic art, I soon felt the need to work outside framed borders by creating (interactive) installations and environments, using photography and video. The process of painting and drawing is still important and visible in my work. I like to stretch the possibilities of imagination beyond the visible. For that matter I also use language and/or sound. Photography and video is used as a direct medium. Digital manipulation is a way to transform this into new realities.


I find inspiration while moving through space and time. I integrate day to day life and utilize found objects or moments, concentrating on details and systems within. I use images I find browsing the internet as parts of a digital landscape. According to my intentions I choose medium and technique.


Not bound to any particular medium I let myself free. I also want to keep surprising myself. Photography and video enables a direct as possible translation from the surrounding reality. Aspects of actuality are worked out through painterly imagery and large, (site-specific) total-installations that often consist of several elements, which also are to be understood separately.

Personal aspects

I'm interested in the contradictions of life. Art forces to take position, over and over again. In a desire to explore and understand, I create new realities, raising new questions. Although I am the driving force, the works eventually also turn themselves to me. Self reflection motivates me to reorder and redefine, over and over again. As a result my works exist within changing compositions.

Concept and process

Art examines various relationships and gradations. It is a complex interweaving of many factors that ultimately make the work what it is. The result is just a part of it. Art is also an adventurous affair. I'm open to influences from outside and incorporate this in the process of creation. The result of this interaction, is what causes the whole to exist. That’s why concepts are kept flexible. Final direction is given during actual creation, which is a manifestation of changing events.


Deconstruction is a way to understand. I copy, paste, cut, shuffle and mix. The way I build my animations, keeping bits and pieces while changing the image is comparable to the way paintings are build up. Digital media enables to alter and reproduce endlessly. This allows me to create a great number of varieties which al together represent a certain development. At the same time each stage reflects an autonomous state of being. I'm looking for the point when a powerful metamorphosis has occurred and the image represents a certain balance in accordance with my intentions. They're often part of sculptural installations.

Connecting platforms

I'm always looking for ways to connect things. It's a deeply rooted human quality that enables us to interpret our surroundings and feelings and enables us to innovate. It manifests in the way different creations of mine interact with each other, when placed in direct relation. The space between a collection of existing forms, necessary to be recognized as separate individual objects and the total space they take up, including the necessary space around them to experience them as a whole defines, together with the way the arrangement is designed, the shape of the platform they are presented in.