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Photography to me is a way to think out loud, in a silent way. It's the most direct manner, to translate aspects of reality into still images. Yet, at the same time, it reflects nothing but magic... Moving through space and time I connect with the landscape. I often use photography to fathom the scenery through a sequence of moments, concentrating on every aspect, mapping it bit by bit, spending hours on the same spot. Taking photographs of nearly every inch, approaching, distancing, defining multiple surroundings within the same area. I also like to document moments I come across as scenes with a certain cinematographic tension. With my black and white photobooks I 'speak in graphic tongues'...


Although we consider ourselves living in a modern world, underlying aspects of human existence present themselves similar to the way they did in the past. The Nightview series relates to classical landscape representation as in paintings through the medium of photography within a contemporary context. They appear like road movie sceneries in a single, framed moment, without a storyline, reflecting a certain mysterious atmosphere. Titles always come last and although some refer to existing genre paintings, there is no intention of imitating something already existing.


I also treat (found) photographic images as digital canvas or compose a completely abstract digital imagery, related to a certain concept.

Red City

Cinematographic triptych existing of three different views regarding one scenery. The work came into existence during an artist residency in Xiamen, China, invited by the Chinese European Art Center.

Some sceneries that we come across in real life, breath a kind of strangeness that comes with reality. Presented through photography, like they were isolated film stills, they are in fact carefully constructed memories, for I try to create the best possible image out of a certain situation.They carry something of future and past at the same time, because of it’s obviously a temporary moment of a certain situation. This idea manifests in various ways through my work in general.

iPhone View

A scene which shows the precipitation of something that has taken place exudes memory. But it is only to be recognized as such by insiders. An outsider interprets.

We see the promenade from two sides. Placed together, these different moments are experienced as one happening.

This diptych was published in Dutch art magazine 'Platform Platvorm' (first issue, 2015) and exhibited as part of total installation '40 Titles II'.

Moments III

Action / photography / digital manipulation / digital photo frame, 2013 - 2014

Series of moments, related to certain actions.

...standing still in darkness...waiting for light...coming around the bend...coming from behind...shadow of the front of you...drawn against the mountain...countless moments of being

Movement. Lying down. Getting up. Sitting. Reposition.






'Pillow' (I&II)

Photography to propose a certain situation.

With this 'proposition' it's nearly impossible to exclude thought. At the same time it's hard to come to a conclusive understanding...

'Woman in pink'

... the woman in pink comes in various sizes & forms, within or outside installations and frames ... to connect, to enter, to stay, to leave behind...

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