Made in China

Made in China

Site specific installation in sea container.

The installation

Sea container, digital video projection, 90 KG of red clothes and audio relating to traditional Chinese music, composed out of existing sounds.

The video

Digital video concerning images of 'The great wall of China', based upon photographs, mostly taken by tourists and published on the Internet. Created in 2012 as a monumental intervention for the public screen of the Chinese European Art Center in Xiamen, China. In this case the video becomes part of a the environment inside the container.

The red clothes are placed in a painterly manner, becoming one with the landscapes in the video.

Presented during art festival Artibosch, at the foot of the cathedral of 's Hertogenbosch, NL, 2012.

This 'Made in China' lead to more and more installations. After an invitation by the Chinese European Art Center for an artist residency, the project went further under the name '40 Titles', named after the book project related to the exhibition in China. This title is significant to my work in general. See 'about'...

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